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Founded in 2017, our company, oppScience, edits the bee4sense platform which allows the integration of large volumes of structured and unstructured data. It adapts them to meet specific and contextual use cases. Intrinsically customizable, bee4sense was created with the ambition of transforming any structure’s data into collective intelligence, to bring it ever more value.

Regardless of the maturity level of a project, the flexibility and agility of the solution allows a rapid deployment of the best use cases according to their ROI impact to different solutions :


Customer Support


Case Management


Competitive Intelligence


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Innovative progressive approach

To be able to support you regarding the level of maturity of your project, our company has developed a platform that allows us to integrate flexibly at any stage of data processing levels.

It makes it possible to implement information enhancement solutions, whether structured or unstructured, and allows our clients to adapt them in continuous mode based on the use and evolution of the content, using an intuitive administration interface. These solutions can be integrated or not into existing applications or portals.

We integrate into your IS without transforming it or impacting the users' workflow

We capitalize on your previous investments to provide more intelligence to your business.

We bring more value to the project as it unfolds.

Our Values

Customer-centric: Committed to our customer’s projects success.

Innovation: Creative solutions for continuous improvement.

Customer Delight: Provide an outstanding user experience.

Unity: Collaborating for successful accomplishments.

Rapidity: Delivering the best solutions, fast.

Our Goal

Leverage big data and AI to empower users with actionable information to maximize operations efficiency.


What Our Customers Say


“After having efficiently replaced our old TAJ (Judicial Antecedent Treatment) search system, we decided to make use of bee4sense platform’s latest features to meet our increasingly complex operational needs. The bee4sense platform allows us to not only search through information, but also to generate insights from operational data thanks to its semantic engine and its ability to handle relationship graphs. The range of possibilities offered by this solution has really widened our perspectives.”

General Touak – Deputy Director of Information Systems at ST(SI)².

«bee4sense technologies allow all subscribers of our platform to perform high quality research on specialized press and web articles. Access to this information is made possible thanks to a semantic enrichment of the data, allowing to identify relations between actors and to the integration of a graph API allowing to visualize and interact with these relations.
We have been using bee4sense search engines since 2004. The cooperation has always been perfect with the oppScience teams who consistently meet our needs and requirements despite all the technological evolutions.»

Michel Bernardini – Head of Communications & IT within the Economic Research Department at BNP Paribas

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