Action Alerts

Stay one step ahead!

Maximize your users’ performance by providing them with real-time notifications of context evolutions following the detection of critical or high added-value information, from across internal and external data sources.

ActionAlerts are defined according to data availability and use cases agreed upon with customers. Users are able to configure a variety of alerts that can be triggered by the appearance of single piece of information or a combination of pieces of information matching a certain rule.

For example, an alert can be generated in the following cases:

– our semantic engine detects that a competitor has been quoted in an email from one of the stakeholders in an opportunity to a contact in the company

– a profit warning has been announced, and the company released an announcement of drastic expense control to restore profitability

– a combination of factors indicates that a customer is about to churn due to decreased product use, non-responsiveness to emails, and several successive meeting cancellations

– a main contact has changed positions and is no longer working for our client, indicating the need to get in touch with the person replacing the outdated contact

– a customer has an increasing number of open customer service incidents, indicating the need to build an action plan with the customer support team

Each alert or combination of alerts is pushed to the user under a variety of available formats that depend on user requirements and preferences, including XML/RSS feeds, e-mail, or a customized graphical format..