Collective intelligence for business performance

Collective intelligence for business performance

Collective intelligence for business performance

“Collective intelligence for business performance” An event hosted by My Sherpa and sponsored by oppScience.

For this event, My Sherpa will have the great pleasure to welcome Julia de Funès as speaker and Laura-Jane Gautier as moderator for this session.
Speakers, experts, partners and clients were invited to discuss about co-construction, co-innovation, the off-site company and its various illustrations.

We would be delighted to have you with us!

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Meet us at Big Data Paris & AI Paris 2020

Meet us at Big Data Paris & AI Paris 2020

Meet us at Big Data Paris & AI Paris 2020

Are you looking for solutions to process your data, or do you simply want to discover the new opportunities of big data and the latest trends in artificial intelligence?

OppScience invites you to join the 14th & 15th of September, the N°1 Big Data exhibition in Europe: “Big Data Paris & AI Paris 2020”. A 100 % hybrid event with more than 300 sponsors & exhibitors who will address several themes such as Machine Learning and AI technologies combined with Big Data, data governance and quality, and real-time dataviewing.

You have the possibility to access all the event program in Paris Porte de Versailles or directly behind your screens from the digital Connect platform.

We will be present at booth D6 to present our bee4sense solution, an intrinsically customizable platform, created with the aim of transforming heterogeneous data into collective intelligence, in order to bring even more value.

Come and meet us with your free pass available on where you can reserve a time slot of your choice as a visitor on the virtual platform to meet us either on site or remotely.

Don’t miss our talk “Exploit the full value of your data with the bee4sense platform” on Monday, September 14th in room 4 at 5:30 pm.

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Where and when: MONDAY 14 & TUESDAY 15 SEPTEMBER 2020 – VERSAILLES DOOR – HALL 7.3

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100% physical, 100% digital event


OppScience joins GICAT group

OppScience joins GICAT group

OppScience joins GICAT group

Paris, December 5, 2019. On the axis of its development in the defense and security sector, oppScience joins the Groupement des Industries Françaises de Défense et de Sécurité terrestres et aéroterrestres (GICAT). This membership allows oppScience to actively cooperate with a model of exchange and pooling of assets to access new opportunities, promote competitive positioning on French and international markets and offer greater visibility.

Today, thanks to the expertise in the field of investigation and inquiry that the bee4sense solution brings to its users, oppScience is able to act within a reference group for air-land defense and security issues in order to create innovation and exchange knowledge towards a single shared ambition: securing national and economic development.

Among 257 other members, oppScience will benefit from access to information through conferences, exchange seminars and meeting days between major groups, as well as support to develop offers abroad in terms of mission organization, technology watch and support services.

About GICAT :

The Groupement des industries françaises de défense et de sécurité terrestres et aéroterrestres (GICAT) is a professional grouping created in 1978 and which today represents more than 270 members (large groups, mid-sized companies and small and medium-sized enterprises). Its purpose is to :

– Organize the communication between institutions and industrials of sectors
– Provide services to its members to promote their development in France and abroad.
– Create a favorable environment for exchanges between manufacturers
– Enhance the expertise and the sector’s industry image

The global influence of GICAT is based on the international exhibitions EUROSATORY in France, Platinum in Monaco, Expodefensa in Colombia and ShieldAfrica in Ivory Coast organized by its subsidiary COGES, as well as on a number of defense and/or security exhibitions abroad.

GICAT is a founding member of the Council of Defense Industries (CIDEF).

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About oppScience :

In a context of globalization of information where the understanding of risks and opportunities relies on the data themselves but also and especially on their interconnections, oppScience innovates by proposing solutions of data enhancement based on Artificial Intelligence algorithms (Machine Learning and Automatic Language Processing) allowing to extract the value and the power of a graph base to put them in relation. These solutions accelerate the understanding of very large volumes of information in very short times by taking into account the context of use. Users are therefore able to discover essential information and make the required decisions.



STSI² chooses OppScience’s bee4sense Information Insight solution for data valorisation

STSI² chooses OppScience’s bee4sense Information Insight solution for data valorisation

STSI² chooses OppScience’s bee4sense Information Insight solution for data valorisation

Paris, 10th january 2019

 OppScience, an innovative data leverage solution, announced that the ST(SI)² (the French Interior Ministry’s Technologies and Information Systems Department) which serves as the information systems department for the police and National Gendarmerie, has chosen OppScience’s bee4sense Information Insight platform to search for and harness data generated by investigation applications. The platform has been made available to police and gendarmerie services in order to accelerate and optimize multi-criteria searching through judicial records, thus bringing real added value to investigative proceedings.

“After having efficiently replaced our old TAJ (Judicial Antecedent Treatment) search system, we decided to make use of the bee4sense Information Insight platform’s latest features to meet our increasingly complex operational needs,” declared Colonel Touak, Deputy Director of ST(SI)² Information Systems. “The bee4sense Information Insight platform allows us to not only search through information, but also to generate insights from operational data thanks to its semantic engine and its ability to handle relationship graphs. The range of possibilities offered by this solution has really widened our perspectives.”


“Working with the ST(SI)², for whom data stakes are higher than ever, is a major turning point for OppScience in the world of intelligence and investigative research,” announced Guillaume Bréjaud, Director General of OppScience. “This confirms the importance of data leverage in this particular field, where the ability to obtain relevant results within a relatively urgent timeframe is extremely crucial on a daily basis.” OppScience’s bee4sense Information Insight addresses the strategic needs of large enterprises, administrations and non-governmental organizations. The platform combines Machine Learning and Automatic Language Processing algorithms with the power of a graph database.

About OppScience

In the information globalization era, where the ability to foresee risks and opportunities rests not only within data itself but also and especially the relationships between data points, OppScience innovates by proposing data leverage solutions built upon Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning and Automatic Language Processing) algorithms to generate insight, and a graph database to harness the power of data connections. These solutions accelerate the comprehension of vast volumes of information within a short timeframe, in a variety of user contexts. This empowers users to unearth the information they need to make essential decisions.

Artificial intelligence: the solution to transform your data into value

Artificial intelligence: the solution to transform your data into value

Artificial intelligence: the solution to transform your data into value

After the Internet, artificial intelligence technologies are generating the fourth industrial revolution. Economic models and information systems are being turned upside down. Information, and the knowledge that derives from it, is today the key differentiating factor between companies. Meeting with Guillaume Bréjaud, General Manager of oppScience in charge of the development of the bee4sense activity.

But how do we define artificial intelligence? “In reality, when we talk about artificial intelligence, we’re talking about augmented intelligence, because we’re not yet in a world where the machine is going to take power over man. This augmented intelligence consists of mathematical means called algorithms, allowing organizations and individuals to process very large volumes of data”. However, it is the Internet that directly created the large volume of data to be processed and the problems involved in processing it. The volume of information has literally exploded and its processing by simple rules has become impossible. This is where AI finds its application and addresses all sectors of activity. “The real break lies in the fact that the algorithms can provide results that are sometimes not very comprehensible, which puts the user before the obligation to accept what the machine says.


The challenge for companies today is therefore to move from a model where software governs data by copying its constraints, to a model in which data governs software. This means rethinking the architecture of information systems. “Information comes from different origins, takes different forms – text, data, images, videos – and is stored or distributed in different spaces such as databases, on the web, within applications. Even before using the information, the system must process it to extract its value; this is a major challenge for companies. However, strategies for enhancing the value of information must evolve, because the technologies currently in use do not allow the volume and quality of information held to be fully exploited. “Even the treasures residing in companies’ information systems are undervalued. In this preliminary stage, Artificial Intelligence provides relevant answers and innovations are born”.

Thus, new ways of storing and representing information are appearing and are derived from the Internet but also from research on the human brain. At the same time, new ways of using information are emerging, with information becoming the vector of commerce, as has been proven by players such as Uber in the transport sector. Information becomes dynamic and is made available to the user when and where he needs it. And finally, and perhaps most importantly, systems are able to learn from users to continuously improve.

A market where there are many players, but few are really effective

Today, Artificial Intelligence technologies are mostly public thanks to contributions from private actors such as Google or Facebook, university research centers or open source initiatives. The challenge for companies specializing in Artificial Intelligence is to know how to manage the entire chain: from acquiring internal and external data, formatting it, orchestrating AI processes, publishing the results to users, and finally learning how to use it and the results obtained, and ensuring that it is put into production and maintained in operational conditions. This is precisely oppScience’s strong point, having developed a complete service platform that goes from capture to restitution, where often several technological bricks are needed to meet expectations. “The installation of our platform has replaced three tools within the DCPJ. Our solution allows us to be faster in the processing of information”. The other advantage of the oppScience platform is its automatic language processing engine, which allows us to manage the discovery of relationships and to restore them in a relevant way according to the context of use, following the example of what we know about Facebook or LinkedIn. “In a hyper-connected world, the surveillance of a person and a company can no longer be apprehended without taking into account the ecosystem of their relationships”.

After-sales service, business and competitive intelligence: the multiple applications of AI

If systems only learn what they are shown, they are effective. “Today’s artificial intelligence will not make a car capable of crossing the Place de l’Etoile in Paris; however, it will be able to detect weak signals from a large initial volume of information, whereas humans will consider this information to be insignificant. In this framework, we deal with open data, present on social networks and websites but also internal data. We thus bring a real added value to the after-sales services of companies. In terms of business intelligence, our platform will also be able to detect weak signals regarding customer requests. We also carry out business intelligence and competitive intelligence missions. We cross-reference information published on the Internet with officially published data and information published on the monitored companies. The aim is to anticipate the expectations of customers, whether they are individuals, companies or even states. In summary, oppScience provides a complete solution from the acquisition of information to its availability to users at the right time and in the right context. Our approach allows us to deliver results in agile mode in a few weeks where more fragmented approaches require years”. In this large batch of information, oppScience develops a qualification of each piece of information, treating each one at its true value.
Meeting the expectations of companies requires a training of the algorithm. “We cannot train our algorithms for everything. We have solutions to start the project, then the algorithm is trained by a user; it interacts with the machine through a feedback loop that improves performance over time”. It is essential that a person tells the machine whether its first results are good or not. “Then the improvement is self-sustaining and the optimization is endless. There are two possible feedback contexts. The first is to provide an answer to a question given by a user. The Oppscience platform provides targeted information in a defined context, with a 360° vision. The second is to set up an alert system: in this case, the user is informed of any change in the monitored environment, which is the case during a business intelligence.

OppScience was created in December 2017 by Saïd Rkaibi, CEO of the Medtech group and Gilles André, software entrepreneur. The creation of the company is the result of the consolidation of technologies and know-how from different academic and private initiatives.
Its first offer is bee4sense, a platform for information valorisation; it is a reference solution in the fields of investigative assistance – General Direction of the National Gendarmerie – Economic Intelligence (BNP Paribas) and Customer Support (Schneider Electric).
The experience gained from these first references has enabled oppScience to propose ready-to-use solutions in the fields of investigative assistance and security targeting administrations (internal security, defense, police, justice) in France and in Europe, but also in risk management, economic intelligence and customer support, targeting large companies. Beyond that, oppScience works on various vertical solutions in partnership with business experts and with a partner in the field of conducting and evaluating territorial policies, which demonstrates that information enhancement is a transversal technique with multiple use cases. Moreover, while there is still a budgetary issue that can hinder smaller companies, solutions are becoming more democratic. The company proposes a 4-week approach to demonstrate the reality of the return on investment .
oppScience already gathers a team of 40 people. In 2019 the company achieved a 100% growth of its turnover compared to 2018 and expects the same growth in 2020.