The bee4sense Solution

At oppScience, we envision the transformation of search platforms into innovative Information Management systems. The need to add context to Big Data has changed the perception of Search, which now extends much further than the classic text-based query. Our contextual and proactive intelligence platform combines search technology with knowledge graphs in order to meet strategic business requirements such as sales performance, customer loyalty, and customer self-service.

The EL²TP approach: the cornerstone of the bee4sense product range

The above diagram illustrates the  bee4sense EL²TP approach, which differs from the classical structured data (ETL/DBMS) approach by staging data in a schema-less environment to enable the asynchronous/real time enrichments required by information convergence. This allows us to extend the classic text-based search of a reactive information access platform (“pull”) to a contextual and proactive intelligence platform (ActionAlerts).

This decision to move away from classical synchronous indexing is what differentiates us from numerous competitors, who lack this ability to progressively enrich information across information sources.

bee4sense’s unique approach is to provide corporations with the same proactive shortcuts to decisions and actions by leveraging Search (the former PolySpot Enterprise Search technology) and Predictive Analytics technologies.

To do this, oppScience has developed the first-ever Cognitive Engine powering the following solutions and cloud-based services:

Enterprise Information Retrieval solutions that enable the user to find information across internal and external information sources;

– Custom search-based applications (SBA) that provide 360-degree information aggregation on a mash-up/widget-based GUI; and

ActionAlerts™ services that proactively alert the business user to actionable, real-time, and contextual information from existing external and internal data sources.