CustomerMatrix is now known as oppScience, following its acquisition by the MedTech Group on December 20th, 2017. The CustomerMatrix CRM enrichment platform and Enterprise Search offerings have been merged into a single software package allowing for the end-to-end leverage of enterprise data, whether internally handled or obtained via professional data providers.


The bee4sense Information Insight solution born of this merger also allows enterprises to leverage data within multiple contexts such as customer relationship management, person network management, product catalog management, etc.


For further information on bee4sense business solutions, please visit our Business Solutions section.

Our data harnessing solution is aimed at enterprises facing the challenge of cost-effective exploitation of their own data, as well as that from structured and unstructured data sources. 


About MedTech

MedTech has been operating within the Information Technology sector for over 20 years, with services encompassing 4 major areas: Physical Infrastructure, Data Intelligence and Management Software, Telecommunications and Payment Solutions (checks and cards). The group reported a consolidated turnover of over 100 million euros in 2017.  


This acquisition follows on the heels of the buyout of Aexis in 2016, further consolidating MedTech’s position in the industrial development of Business Intelligence solutions, as well as the processing and intelligent exploitation of Big Data.