Information Discovery

Benefit from an enhanced understanding of your context

Aggregate information around referential pivots (client, provider, product, project…) and give your users a better understanding of their business context and a clearer definition of their daily activities.

Information Discoveryoffers a wide variety of features to facilitate the accelerated discovery and appropriation of information.

It fulfills three crucial needs:

– Understanding of context: 360° views help maximise knowledge of an object, such as a company, a project, or a contact. By defining the priority of certain information or recommendations, the system offers users the ability to focus only on the most important elements.

An efficient response

Improved user satisfaction through optimization of third-party interactions, by:

  • Establishing a welcome to facilitate caller identification and create an environment of conviviality
  • Organizing information in such a way as to allow the user to provide a clear and precise response, even without expertise in the field
  • Automatizing data access to guarantee the quality and comprehensivity of responses – the system “learns” from previous interactions in order to identify and suggest the best possible responses

These features are delivered via APIs which integrate seamlessly into existing applications (such as CRM, ERP, portals, intranets, chat applications…) or via the standalone application provided by bee4sense.