OPPSCIENCE’s software Spectra with IAM (Intelligence Analysis Management)
Designed to help everyone in intelligence agencies, from analysts to executives, to make better use of their data securely and responsibly.
It maximizes operational efficiency in intelligence gathering while having a clear visualization of the contextual maaping of a compounding knowledge asset.
Revealing evidence and new leads instantly for the next action to be taken.

Intelligence today

The information landscape is fractured

It takes time to fully understand the ever-evolving sophistication of criminal activities: fraudulent scams, deliberate obfuscations of behaviour, identity manipulation, and so on. Many layers of entities and events, including complex relationships must be accurately understood.

Investigators manually gather data from several internal and external systems to find relevant facts. There is no tool to help investigators and analysts fully exploit all the information obtained from existing data – this increases the probability of intelligence workers missing out on important information.

What is crucial

Analysts and investigators need to retrieve vasts amount of data from a variety of sources to ensure that all the information is analysed to recognize patterns and/or anomalies. If there are missing puzzle pieces, the hidden patterns might not reveal the bigger picture or they may be inaccurate. Moreover, processing large quantities of data must be completed within a limited timeframe, without losing its quality, to ensure the success of the operation or case.

Without understanding the relationships and connections between all entities in an investigation, you run the risk of missing key information. In today’s complex security landscape, the ability to know, analyse and foresee is vital.

Ensuring the security of information during a collaboration evolves to inevitable rules and multi-step processes when managing a case. How to share information safely with team members without wasting time and losing out on the quality of communication?

Local and international legal regulations (GDPR, AI regulation framework, etc.) are becoming increasingly complex with each passing day. The traceability and governance of information is necessary not only for compliance and regulations, but also for an audit trail of the process between the original information used and exhibits stated in investigation reports. Yet, the cost of compliance is unsustainable when your team does not have the right tools to make accurate decisions fast enough.

Oppscience solutions

Save time and energy with one access point to all existing knowledge

SPECTRA uses OPPSCIENCE’s IAM to fuse information of any type, size, source and format while preserving the integrity and classification of source systems. It enables investigators and analysts to autonomously access cutting-edge technology and unified information through a one-and-only access point.

Unified access enables analysts and investigators to autonomously leverage AI without any specific technical skills in all possible contexts.

Save over 50% of your time on manual operation analyses. Use AUTOMATED ANNOTATION to confirm an element’s relevancy without having to manually rekey the information.

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SPECTRA’s IAM understands multiple languages, detects beneficial ownership structures, and links news sources, intelligence reports, locations, phone numbers, and watchlists to follow the trail wherever it may lead.

It generates new knowledge from the update of any sources, within the context required by investigators, leading to faster and trusted decisions.

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Uncover hidden liaisons, and get accurate insights to make faster decisions by having visual intelligence mapping.

Spectra’s IAM processes all existing data to convert it into actionable knowledge within your access. It also illustrates the connections and relationships between each piece of information across time, location and network. Spectra’s IAM learns the semantic senses and reveals the nature of each connection from collected data. The reports exported from SPECTRA help investigators obtain accurate and complete evidence that can be used in a court of law.

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Granular access controls how users interact with data depending on their role, classification and/or purpose. SPECTRA empowers analysts to create and share valuable intelligence with a full audit trail and accountability which contains powerful built-in analytics to help identify hidden links.

All change history is recorded to ensure and confirm that data is being used appropriately in compliance with applicable laws. This and other features in SPECTRA apply across all networks (international/local), sensitivities and classification levels. Compliant infrastructure is effective and usable by all including non-technical analysts.

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What our customers say

The platform allows not only to take into account research of information but also the operational valorization of data thanks to its semantic engine and its capacities of management of graphs of relations. The range of possibilities offered by this solution opens up many new perspectives.

General Touak - ST(SI)² Director of information systems AT ST(SI)²

In 2017, VINCI Construction needed a search engine capable of searching through various data sources. We naturally chose Bee4sense to capitalize on the tool we had used on the South Europe Atlantic high-speed rail line project.

In our view, Bee4sense stands out from competing solutions thanks to its French roots, which guarantee us durable support and technical expertise. Throughout the years, we have been satisfied with the quality of service provided by OPPSCIENCE, in terms of both expertise and responsiveness. When asked for a change, OPPSCIENCE has always met the needs expressed by our business teams.

In addition, feedback on usage has been positive. Bee4sense has brought benefits in terms of performance, attachment indexing and multilingual data search; users appreciate the search efficiency, the relevance of results and the low response time.

Gwenael Louandre & Amine Talei - VINCI Construction Build Team Manager & Project Manager

Peraton uses OPPSCIENCE’s Bee4sense platform to index and search educational resources for educators and students. The support and customer service provided by OPPSCIENCE over the years is outstanding.

Kelly Waite - Peraton Program Manager at Peraton

OPPSCIENCE technologies allow all subscribers of our platform to perform high-quality research on specialized press and web articles. Access to this information is made possible thanks to semantic enrichment of the data, enabling the identification of links between the actors and the integration of an API graph, allowing the visualisation and interaction of these links.
We have been using Bee4sense search engines since 2004. The cooperation has always been perfect with the OPPSCIENCE teams who consistently meet our needs and requirements despite the technological evolutions.

BNP PARIBAS Communications & IT of the economic research department

In 2015, when we replaced the historical intranet search engine, we chose OPPSCIENCE’s engine because of its performance, relevance and superior functional capabilities.

Today, we are highly satisfied with the Bee4sense search engine and we know that many other features are available that could help to go further.

Over all the years of collaboration, we have appreciated the service provided by OPPSCIENCE, their in-depth understanding of our needs, as well as their strong reactivity, including through changing contexts.

Julien Tissier - RATP RATP Communication Department

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