Our Strong Points

With the help of our connectors, Infostore and SenseBuilder, we use a unique EL²TP paradigm to data management, with the following advantages:

– incremental indexation, near real-time index updates (asynchronous enrichment), the ability to adapt to the data source system; and

– flexible enrichment rules, the ability to deploy new use-cases rapidly and effectively.

bee4sense Information Insight

Data Aggregation

We connect to internal and external data sources across all enterprise systems to extract relevant information.

Secure Data Management

We adapt to a variety of structured and unstructured data formats, all the while observing the security constraints of the source systems.


We create value through data enrichment, either synchronously upon initial indexation or progressively in asynchronous mode.

Artificial Intelligence

We use Artifical Intelligence and Automatic Language Processing algorithms to extract maximum value from data.

Knowledge Graph

We handle the relationships between entities in order to help “connect the dots” between previously unconnected data points.

Notifications and Alerts

We proactively push alerts and notifications allowing users to stay up to date and constantly informed.


The  flexibility of our platform guarantees an iterative integration at any stage in your data processing cycle.