Our Value Proposal

Integration of big data, including both structured and unstructured data, internal, external and any format, with the help of: 

  • a library of 150 connectors 
  • a framework of information acquisition
  • native connectors which adapt to the security requirements of source systems

Extracting value from data, with the help of our powerful NLP and ML algorithms, coupled with a knowledge graph to uncover links between entities, using:  

  • automatic enrichments 
  • named-entity recognition (products, persons, brands etc.) 
  • entity linking 
  • classification and categorization of content  
  • sentiment and opinion analysis 
  • scoring 
  • predictive analysis

Presentation using the chosen interface, including:

  • search engine, knowledge base, intranet
  • 360° view of a functional object of your choice: client, project, product, site, molecule etc. 
  • industry-specific notifications and alerts
  • knowledge graph  

Are you satisfied with your integration partner? 
We use a flexible and iterative deployment method to provide continuously increasing value from your data.

Our engagement: deliver measurable added value to end users in under a month.