Case Management & Investigation

Maximize investigation efficiency through linked based analysis

Government and Corporate departments have access to an increasing variety of information to conduct investigation processes. Such information is widely spread across information sources and formats, hence requiring users to manually link and organize information to investigate, understand and act. In addition, users require to collaborate across departments and organizations to consolidate and analyze relevant information.

Bee4sense provides a collaborative solution enabling users to effectively manage investigation processes by enabling Link Based analysis across various information sources whichever location (internal and external) or format (data, transactions, texts, sounds and images).

A single point of access for users to manage, investigate, and track cases from already available information but also add additional information and launch required on the fly processes


to extract relevant information and link it to other information.

Case management and investigation is applicable to a large variety of verticals and contexts as:


Police and legal investigation government bodies


Corporate investigation and security


Fraud detection in Banks, Telco and Insurance


Claim investigation and processing in Financial services

From having access to linked information available from one unified environment, customers report 10x efficiency progress in their investigation processes by using the bee4sense platform.


French Police

The Challenge

Internal security service must manage several million files on legal proceedings, including objects (weapons, cars, cell phones …), persons, groups, organizations, and operating procedures. These records contain highly detailed structured information – with more than a hundred attributes for each type of object – and free text for each content originating from interview transcripts, textual police reports and criminal records.

The information available needs to be correlated across entities and relations to minimize investigation workload and discover unknown relationships hidden in text and attributes.

The system must guarantee efficient response times with more than 200 highly complex queries per second across millions of records and relations.

Internal security department needed a high-performance application to be able to search and navigate through this content, which relies on the power of the search engine and the richness of structured information.


The solution

Using bee4sense, a major system integrator built a customized application for the administration, combining the free text natural language processing capabilities and nested documents provided by our platform. Hence allowing to maximize the density of relationships available for users to express very complex queries and efficiently navigate across relevant information and relations.

 In addition, the system processed sequential information to identify similarities between criminals’ operating modes across cases which enabled users to identify potential suspects more effectively.


10x efficiency gain on investigation procedures

✔ Increased information value by combining structured      and unstructured information

✔ Lower time to resolution rate through Link based   analysis

✔ A distributed environment to manage the high load

What our customers say


The bee4sense platform allows not only to take into account research of information but also the operational valorization of data thanks to its semantic engine and its capacities of management of graphs of relations. The range of possibilities offered by this solution opens up many new perspectives.

General Touak, Director of Information Systems at ST(SI)².


Direction Centrale de la Police Judiciaire (DCPJ)

The Challenge

The DCPJ (Direction Centrale de la Police Judiciaire) is responsible for Internal Security criminal prevention and investigation. Beyond police investigation, the DCPJ also must cope to time sensitive Internal security crisis where immediate actions are required to mitigate risks.

Criminal investigation requires to instantly correlate relevant information from millions of heterogeneous contents, originating from a large variety of sources in different formats (text transcripts, sounds, images, data, transactions…). In addition, investigators need to manipulate data by their own without any technical skill.

The workload required to converge, search, filter, and correlate data into the most relevant set of information to focus investigation on the right suspects was far too important as data processing was handled by technical users prior to being exposed to investigators and back and forth.


The solution

After training the client’s resources, the DCPJ set up a platform combining relevant and high-performance search and relationship navigation capabilities provided by semantic enrichment processes based on artificial intelligence. The application exploits the integrated capabilities of automatic natural language processing to extract structured information from unstructured documents. This information is composed of different types of named entities linked together, revealing networks of relationships.

A Link based analytical approach aiming to converge, process, correlate information, and analyze their relationships in each context to recommend investigators with the best profiles and relationships to be investigated.


✔ Accelerate access to relevant information

✔ Reduce the time required to understand information available in text formats

✔ Improve information discovery by combining search capabilities with graph navigation


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