OPPSCIENCE’s bee4sense platform integrates pioneering IAM (Intelligence Analysis Management) technologies. It converts data from different sources and formats into a single access point to unified knowledge.
Bee4sense spots existing inefficiencies and can automatically provide a realistic understanding of risk throughout the customer relationship: from onboarding to refreshes and remediation.

Know-your-customer today

Today, KYC processes are often episodic and come with deep-rooted challenges related to manually understanding complex customer relationships. Regulations changes, budgets are limited and behaviors are unpredictable. Broader information with deeper analysis is required to review high and low-risk customers in less amount of time.

What is crucial

by having real-time information, and the ability to process them under new contexts and rules

by increasing automation and connecting non-obvious relationships.


Seeing your customer’s business thriving paints one picture. Revealing their director has been investigated for fraud, paints quite another.


Collect all the available information, and generates trustful evidence with our platform through contextual analytics

From onboarding to refreshes and remediation, maximize data to improve existing inefficiencies and automatically facilitate a contextual, perpetual, and realistic understanding of risk throughout the customer relationship.

Oppscience solutions

Identify customer risks as they emerge, increase operational efficiency, meet changing regulations, and enhance customer experience.

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Increase efficiency and maximize value from external data sources

Find hidden risks through networks, including connected parties or ownership structures

Expedite manual processes by automating KYC data population

Automate risk assessments and due diligence during onboarding and periodic reviews

Continuously reassess customers for financial crime risk using their changing context

Significantly reduce end-to-end review and onboarding time.

Integrate APIs into existing workflows for seamless customer onboarding and reviews.

Continuously update your customer’s KYC profile in real-time.


What our customers say

“OPPSCIENCE technologies allow all subscribers of our platform to perform high-quality research on specialized press and web articles. Access to this information is made possible thanks to semantic enrichment of the data, enabling the identification of links between the actors and the integration of an API graph, allowing the visualisation and interaction of these links.

We have been using Bee4sense search engines since 2004. The cooperation has always been perfect with the OPPSCIENCE teams who consistently meet our needs and requirements despite the technological evolutions.”

Michel Bernardini BNP Paribas Head of Communications & IT within the Economic Research Department

Peraton uses OPPSCIENCE’s Bee4sense platform to index and search educational resources for educators and students. The support and customer service provided by OPPSCIENCE over the years is outstanding.

Kelly Waite Program Manager at Peraton

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