Knowledge & Expertise

Capitalize knowledge and disseminate best practices and domain expertise across departments and locations

As Corporations expand operations internationally, corporate knowledge tends to be siloed into local applications and documents. Most corporations observe that they often ignore that similar situations have been faced without sharing the benefits of lessons learnt in other locations or departments.

As a lot of the domain knowledge originates from documents, emails, comments, conversations in various languages, the challenge is to converge knowledge and expertise by leveraging semantics, natural language processing and search techniques to enable field operations and R&D to mitigate risks and maximize opportunities.

 The following use cases speak for themselves:


Matching best available expertise to project requirement

A Consulting firm must match multiple Project requirements and Call for tenders with available and relevant expertise. bee4sense enabled to automate Project documents analysis by extracting customer/vertical characteristics, project functional and technical requirements, main stakeholders, and functions on one hand and relevant employees to fulfill requirements on the other hand by leveraging internal applications and information as Project management, Staffing, HR management, Emails, CRM, and Project documents, Resumes, Project reports, Sales and Technical proposals and more.

 Capitalizing field operations knowledge

In the Construction and Mining industry, capitalizing return on experience from local field operations across projects is critical. Most of the knowledge acquired during projects remains siloed into reports, documents, notepads, emails, transcripts, or mail. bee4sense enabled various customers to structure their field knowledge by converging information around techniques, materials, land or climate characteristics, suppliers, products, project types and their combination. As a result, the system enables to prevent some techniques or material associations in given projects due to past issues in similar projects.

Capitalizing R&D and technical knowledge

In the Environmental and Waste management industry, a large corporation merged several R&D departments into one. Each entity was managing documents and applications in distinct IS environment. Converging information into one global knowledge graph enabled to share best practices and cross fertilize technical knowledge not only for R&D departments but also towards customer support and client facing departments.

Capitalizing Product knowledge

A multinational company providing energy and automation digital solutions for efficiency and sustainability is managing over 1,5 million products originating from its own original products but also from several companies acquired in the company history. The customer support was having difficulty to answer customer support technical and sales solicitations due to the absence of normalized descriptors on products, product range or component compatibility and local norm compliance. Bee4sense enabled to converge all products into a normalized environment which resulted in increasing upsell opportunity detection by customer support agents, drastically reduced time to resolution and support escalation.


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