Maintenance in Operational Condition

OPPSCIENCE’s bee4sense platform integrates pioneering IAM (Intelligence Analysis Management) technologies. It converts data from different sources and formats into a single access point to unified knowledge. It optimises the management of equipment’s usage and installations and predicts the maintenance process through machine learning. Industrial operators can secure MOC collaboration through bee4sense’s IAM, to increase the quality of the project while reducing unnecessary costs.

Maintainance in Operational Condition (MOC) today

Industrial operators face multiple challenges to optimise the usage of their equipment in complex infrastructures.
In order to avoid an interruption of service or deterioration in quality, industrial operators must manually regroup information from the various existing platforms. This brings the loss of hidden information within unstructured data, and wastes time and energy while increasing the risk of vulnerabilities.

What is crucial

The role of MOC today has surpassed economic and security responsibilities, it also engages the company in social responsibilities. It is to be easily blamed if threats and risks occur due to unspotted vulnerabilities.

Multiple applications are used to manage formal processes based on known repositories (bases of references and skills). They meet specific objectives (EDM, CMMS, etc.) and are most often isolated from each other. Operators are unaware of the myriad of undisclosed information that remains hidden in comments, texts, reports, reviews, emails, etc.

Oppscience solutions

Total aknowledgement of existing information through one point access

The bee4sense platform developed by OPPSCIENCE provides IAM technology that not only includes the information obtained during the construction, operation, and maintenance processes of the infrastructures and equipment (information most often not mentioned), but also integrates information exchanged through the tools of messaging or communication, operational information (suppliers, subcontractors, operators, developers) and regulatory information (urban planning constraints, regulatory data) external to the company, which is only very rarely taken into account.

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The bee4sense platform is directly accessible through APIs on business applications – this means that within the framework of a support application, operators have direct access to the resources of knowledge via their usual tools.
It opens multiple possibilities to maximise efficiency. For instance, bee4sense can accelerate the diagnosis of incidents and suggest the best solution within the determined context by reviewing the history of similar tickets via the search and suggestion features.

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Bee4sense leverages acquired knowledge to implement predictive maintenance processes with machine learning.
The ceaseless analysis process allows the system to be continuously updated, increasing the company’s knowledge capital. This maximises the efficiency of the MOC processes and thus optimises the continuity of the service.

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Bee4sense offers an efficient approach for MOC to secure collaborations between stakeholders to:

  • Control of the evolution of infrastructures and systems
  • Optimise the management of anomalies and associated risks
  • Optimise the usage of equipment and installations
  • Schedule interventions in good timing
  • Predict and control maintenance costs

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Bee4sense can be implemented with accessible information within a few weeks, enabling users to have a single access point to all relevant documentary information in MOC processes. The benefits of MOC for your projects and the operation of your facilities are immediately noticeable

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