What is Neuradata

Neuradata is OPPSCIENCE’s IAM (Intelligence Analysis Management) platform. It is a newer and enhanced version of the Bee4Sense platform.
Its creation had its origin in solving the issue that classical data analytics platforms cannot be successfully applied to Big Data (which contains 80% of unstructured data, not processable by usual data analysis platforms).
Neuradata platforms’ DNA is to converge structured and unstructured data into a unified knowledge model inspired by semantic analysis and contextual decision-making, whether it is on-premise, private cloud, or public cloud.

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From data to information...

Neuradata is a platform that regrouped multiple OPPSCIENCE’s technologies allowing users to access unified information from a variety of sources and formats through a single secure platform from any of your devices.

...from information to knowledge

On this platform, OPPSCIENCE’s technology will analyze and organize existing information in unified knowledge models for the required context. This happens in real-time through Natural Language querying and semantic analysis, transforming massive information into knowledge that matters for your project or mission.

... from knowledge to insights

The contextualized knowledge provides a bigger picture of the connections and relations of searched elements and their extensions. Having a clear and complete visualization of entities mapping, not only reveals insights into what the next steps could be but also alerts you to any anomalies that may emerge, no matter how complex the context is.

The user would need to focus only on the decision-making itself rather than preparing all the elements needed to make the decision.

Relationship mapping between objects
Analytics dashboard
Augmented search
Geo search and navigation

How does it work

Contextual decision-making

Neuradata helps users to make better decisions, thanks to its ability to process and converge data by recognizing its meaning in a specific context. Mind-blowing visual renderings and insightful results happen in real-time through the following steps and features:

InfoHub™ extracts information from different sources, formats, and languages without losing its quality and security…

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…SenseBuilder™ converts the formats into unified knowledge models…

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…they are recognized by our AI, Metadex™, and are processed using the contextual meaning and the semantic sense of each element…

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…Metadex™ creates a universal point of access to all searched elements and their entire networks’ ecosystem, to be visualized through KnowledgeGraph™.

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All of this is possible thanks to Neuradata great ability on processing data in 4vs


Hybrid and high-volume data in secure environments.


All types and formats (structured or non-structured) can be converted into unified knowledge models.


Real-time analysis and easy-to-understand results.


All-in-one interface:

  • all existing information converged to relevant knowledge
  • multiple management features
  • relationship mapping
  • 360° augmented research
  • a global vision

Why Neuradata

With the Neuradata platform, you can increase your team's performance by empowering them to:

Become autonomous

Intuitive and secure access to information without the prerequisite of any specific technical skills.

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Keep everything safe

The platform enables corresponding restrictions and security management, protecting information at all stages of its processing lifecycle.

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Stay in control

The solution is designed for secured environments so teams can be in control of the information. Change history is properly recorded at any stage of the data’s lifecycle.

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Deliver ROI quickly

The agile deployments and dynamic customer success team assure efficient implementation, delivering the solution in only a few weeks.

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