What is IAM

The landscape of information

From the Information Era to today’s Digital Age, we’ve been exposed to vast amounts of information in a variety of evolving formats (text, audio, video, visuals, etc.) from multiplying compounded sources, and it is supposed to help us make informed decisions. But more often than not, due to all complexities, we end up wasting time and tiring efforts trying to collect and understand the data by reorganizing its logic.

A new phenomenon has arrived discreetly but steadfastly:
Information no longer just serves us but shapes into a new realm itself, and it needs special capabilities to be fully acknowledged and comprehended.

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Intelligence Analysis Management (IAM)

Under this phenomenon, OPPSCIENCE experts have dedicated 20 years of Research & Development to various technologies, such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), Linked Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Search & Knowledge Modeling, and more. Only to provide efficient and positive experiences to evoke the best version of our decisions, from fragmented data to the very final arguments or insights for decision-making.

All this became possible with OPPSCIENCE’s Intelligence Analysis Management (IAM), an ecosystem of technologies with multiple solutions for all Big Data process and analysis challenges to provide and generate efficient knowledge in real-time.

Because the more time and the more relevant knowledge we have to support our decision-making, the more confident we are in our actions and their impacts.
I think therefore IAM.

How it works

How it works

The majority of information is scattered in multiple applications and large varieties of source formats. In order to enable AI, it needs to be converted into one place. OPPSCIENCE’s technologies enable corresponding restrictions and security management, protecting information at all stages of its processing lifecycle.

Converging different AI data processes from different sources and formats into a unified knowledge model. OPPSCIENCE’s IAM allows the convergence of the annotations extracted from raw data by AI into a single unified ontological knowledge model.

Unifying access to enable users to autonomously leverage AI without any specific technical skills, in all possible contexts and usage (GeoNavigation, Graph Navigation, 360° entity information convergence, Augmented Semantic Search from one single point of access).

OPPSCIENCE’s IAM refines high-noise, high-volume datasets. It enables the implementation of infrastructure to deploy, train, evaluate, and improve artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Pioneering technology

Unlike classical data visualization platforms that only leverage existing structured data, OPPSCIENCE’s Intelligence Analysis Management (IAM) leverages AI to unveil actionable information extracted from unstructured data (information that most software and machines cannot extract or comprehend) to be processed.

Knowledge enrichment from the unknown

Did you know that 80% of existing data is unstructured, making the information inaccessible for usual data processing platforms? By understanding all existing data (structured and unstructured), OPPSCIENCE’s IAM technologies and solutions deliver unified knowledge that is organized and enriched for the context you need.

IAM helps users to expand their knowledge and insights to a whole new dimension.

AI audit trail compliance

The technology enables corresponding restrictions and security management. It processes and provides information in compliance with legislation under different territories, protecting information at all stages of its processing lifecycle.

One goal, multiple solutions

We integrate OPPSCIENCE’s IAM pioneering technologies within multiple software, platform, and applications with unprecedented functions. This creates ready-made and/or tailor-made solutions that can even be integrated into existing applications, for all decision-making challenges and optimization needs with data and information.

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