Maximise operational efficiency in investigations and intelligence gathering

End-to-end Big Data Analysis for Maximum Operational Efficiency

Law enforcement and intelligence agencies are challenged by the massive growth of available information that could assist in preventing or investigating complex crimes; however, it is impossible to analyze efficiently.
Spectra, oppScience’s Big Data analysis solution for law enforcement and intelligence agencies, offers Artificial Intelligence that does not only process all available information, but provides insights to assist with strategic decision-making. Any type of information from any source and in any format can be processed and analyzed. The resulting knowledge model increases the ability for analysts to spot hidden connections between adversaries intending to hide their plans, intents and goals. Analysts and investigators can focus their effort on value-added work.

What our customers say


The platform allows not only to take into account research of information but also the operational valorization of data thanks to its semantic engine and its capacities of management of graphs of relations. The range of possibilities offered by this solution opens up many new perspectives.

General Touak, Director of Information Systems at ST(SI)².

Key benefits

For analysts and investigators 


Get insights faster and more accurate

Leverage A.I. and NLP to fuse hidden with already known information. Use our guidance to instruct NLP and semantics to find what you are really looking for.


Keep control

Spectra’s A.I. is there to support you. You are the one to decide and take actions.


Focus on what matters

An excellent user interface combined with information quality and relevancy helps you focus on the value-added work.

For IT & data science teams


Fuse best-of-breed technology

Configure and enrich Spectra’s capabilities with internal or third-party developments. We enable full interoperability.


Deliver value in weeks

Spectra is designed for agile deployments to be delivered within weeks.


Keep control

Use Spectra on-premise to stay autonomous and in control of the data.


Help teams to focus on value-added work

As an end-to-end solution, fully administrated through an intuitive control panel, Spectra assists teams to focus on value-added work and avoid skills inflation.

Spectra in a nutshell

Spectra converges information and A.I. technology to maximize return on intelligence


  • Data acquisition maintenance and updates from over 100 internal and external sources incl. OSINT feeds (dark web, web, social media)
  • Processing of any format: text, document, image, video, audio, logs/IOT, transactions
  • End-to-end data security, traceability, and updates from existing sources


  • Format conversion and pre-processing
  • Natural language and semantics processing
  • Face, vehicle and equipment recognition from images and videos
  • Conversion of audio to text

Spectra’s multi-modal access points

Spectra’s unique API allows several access points to visualize the requested information

Key functionalities

Analyze insights and suggested actions to find new investigative leads

Collaborate with your team through access and task sharing

Submit information in real-time (dynamic enrichment) to instruct the A.I. models

Send and receive requests for information

Configure alerts and notifications to maximize reactivity

Aggregate information into a file, share documents case reports


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