UX engineer and advanced dataviz / Graph developer

Job Description

Attached to the head of an R&D team specialized in AI (ML, NLP, KM, …), you participate in the technical specifications and developments on a knowledge management product including an innovative UX :

  • visualization and navigation of data and in particular graph structures
  • manual knowledge base editing/validation
  • production of advanced views for analytics on large graphs
  • assistance in querying complex data

You work autonomously on complex subjects, while being proactive and interacting regularly with your team.

Your intervention is mainly focused on the front-end layer, but a good understanding of the bricks of the back-end is necessary, especially for the storage, querying and analytical parts. Full-stack profile highly appreciated.

Required profil

You have a Master’s degree, Engineering degree or equivalent and you have significant training and/or experience in terms of UX in the field of data mining, from the design to the production of a functional UI.

You have practical expertise in the following aspects:

  • use of generic frameworks such as React, Angular, Vue, etc.
  • exploitation of frameworks dedicated to data-driven UI, such as D3, Citoscape, Sigma, KeyLines, etc.
  • Innovative UX design and production of professional-quality graphical components.
  • you have some knowledge in the field of graphs (algorithmic, modeling, storage, …)
  • You must have a solid foundation in software engineering, including at least a mastery of JS and derivative languages, and knowledge of standard software development processes and tools (such as Git, Maven, Jira, …).

Ideally :

  • you are autonomous in the production of the UI including the production of the “cosmetic” elements.
  • you have a general culture in artificial intelligence and are up to date with the state of the art in the field.

Interview process

  • Phone call interview
  • Technical tests
  • Interview


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