Why bee4sense?

30 days to roll out, 1 success factor: user satisfaction.​

According to an IDC study, 30% of a typical knowledge worker’s time is spent searching for information. With the emergence of Big Data, the volume, variety of formats and sources of information and the velocity of their distribution have made this rate increase exponentially.​

Moreover, 50% of this time spent searching for information is unsuccessful.​
Source IDC, Information: The Lifeblood of the Enterprise

To address this critical situation, bee4sense offers an agile solution based on an innovative technology foundation for data enrichment, forged through hundreds of projects, known as the Knowledge Graph.​

Search time is thus reduced by 70% and users find information in 90% of cases.

Our platform is designed for an agile methodology, the EL²TP approach, and facilitates implementation of information management solutions in less than a month. Fine-tuning can be done in real time through an intuitive administration interface, according to the use and evolution of content. Our solutions can also be integrated to existing applications or corporate portals.