Artículos y eventosAI: oppScience advocates a collective and European alternative to Palantir
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3 June 2021

AI: oppScience advocates a collective and European alternative to Palantir

Paris-based startup oppScience is developing a platform for data processing powered by NLP, graph analysis and AI. The company advocates the emergence of a collective and European alternative to Palantir and American editors, and proposes to rally partners around its solutions.

Founded at the end of 2017, oppScience is a Paris-based startup that has already earned a name for itself in a select circle. Its founder and president is none other than Gilles André, a “serial entrepreneur” who has been active for over 25 years and participated in the rise of ETL solutions in the 1990s.

According to Gilles André, oppScience leveraged the research and development base of two companies he founded since 2011 (PolySpot, and CustomerMatrix).

OppScience develops the bee4Sense platform. It is composed of three modules. The startup specifies that InfoHub is dedicated to the continuous acquisition (CDC) and federation of raw, structured, semi-structured or unstructured data. This brick has a library of nearly 120 connectors. SenseBuilder brings together rule engine, machine learning, analytics and Deep Learning capabilities to enrich and share data. SARA, corresponds to the UI/UX layer. This module includes both UX (dashboards, search bar, graph visualization, etc.), APIs and applications for reference data management, ontologies and case management.

Just like the actors specialized in customer relationship management, oppScience wants to automate the processes initiated by the end users. bee4Sense has been designed to become an orchestrator of data queries, machine learning model inference or graph relationship building.

This statement covers a large number of use cases, but oppScience has decided to limit its scope to two activities: investigation and augmented knowledge management.

To that end, the company will launch at the end of June an investigation application targeting the security and identity verification sectors “in the public and private domains”. The aim is to bring together in a single interface the capabilities of the platform available to employees to find out about entities: people, companies or even products.

“We need to understand investigation in the broadest sense,” the founder warns. This means covering the research needs of customer support, operational maintenance, competitive intelligence teams, researchers, but also police and judicial authorities and intelligence services.

Bee4Sense, a platform dedicated to cognitive search and investigation

“We have two types of customers: businesses and government,” says Guillaume Bréjaud, CEO of oppScience. “Large groups use us in the context of enhanced knowledge management when the EDM and a search engine are no longer sufficient, when they need access to content. We are in the economic, technological and strategic intelligence and knowledge management of the company, for example at Vinci, BNP or Suez”.