What is spectra

SPECTRA is one of our IAM solutions, specially designed to help end-users save a significant amount of time with better decision-making experiences for daily tasks. It offers end-to-end Big Data processing and analysis based on multiple Neuradata technologies.
By unprecedently delivering knowledge enrichment (from structured and unstructured data) within a clear vision in real-time, our goal is to help users (analysts, investigators, project managers, etc.) create a better impact with informed decisions thus unlocking their true potential.

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How does it work

Intelligence Analysis Management (IAM) provides a clear global vision of contextual information in four dimensions:

  • WHEN
  • WITH

Discover and navigate the connections and networks between events, objects, contracts, documents, individuals, groups, vehicles, equipment, cases, files, and much more.
By leveraging AI and Natural Language Processing, SPECTRA converts existing information from unstructured data and converts them into additional knowledge. Therefore SPECTRA is able to provide additional information and its network within the required context. It generates insights and a clear vision through the creation of a KnowledgeGraph that clearly presents what the user was looking for.

A secured & single access point with an instant preview for advanced search on your field of interest, across sources of big data.

Pioneering search capabilities leveraging:

  • Semantic & user annotations
  • Fuzzy and Phonetic search
  • Dense vector search

Geolocation of information on cartographic backgrounds from information extracted from data and text.

Save +50% of time spent manually annotating data in analysis books. Confirm elements’ relevancy without re-keying:

  • Entities
  • Locations
  • Dates and times
  • Events
  • Equipment
  • Relationships

Collaborate locally or internationally with your team members to innovate and build stronger models with context:

  • Prompt knowledge on a project or investigation that you have access to
  • Create new case/project files and set workflow alerts or notifications.
  • Traceability of change and history consultation.
  • Notification and alerts configuration.

Why spectra

Unparalleled knowledge ratio at your fingertips

Do not waste time and energy searching and investigating authentic information. SPECTRA with IAM retrieves all necessary information in the specific context from different sources and displays them for you already unified and analysed:

  • Open and linked data
  • Intranets
  • Dark web
  • Social networks
  • Blockchains
  • Videos and visual bases
  • Audio bases
  • Statistics
  • Geocoding (GPS coordinates)
  • +100 connectors and API application libraries

Get insights faster

SPECTRA builds a clear visualisation of connections and links between different elements, uncovering hidden risks, new opportunities, and potential networks to be explored. This allows users to quickly focus on the decisions to be made and the next steps of the mission, rather than reprocessing all the information.

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Take control

SPECTRA fully supports you with data processing and analytics, saving you time and energy, in turn allowing you to focus on making informed decisions and taking positive actions.

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