Law enforcement

OPPSCIENCE’s latest application, SPECTRA, maximizes operational efficiency in investigations and intelligence-gathering.
It integrates pioneering IAM (Intelligence Analysis Management) technology within functions and an UI tailor-made for Law Enforcement agencies.

SPECTRA’s ultimate goal is to optimize Law Enforcement Agencies’ decision-making experience for law enforcement agencies to a whole new dimension.

Law enforcement today

Ever-changing landscape with new threat behaviours

The global landscape has significantly evolved over the last few years due to the digital explosion of innovations and technologies. This ever-changing landscape challenges law enforcement and intelligence agencies to solve crimes and identify threats rapidly in an environment where endless information is accessed in complex situations.

How do we gather ever-increasing information from diverse compounded environments to conduct efficient investigations to make clear decisions in critical situations? This is a major challenge for law enforcement officers, as the workforce and budget remain limited.

What is crucial

Internal security services manage millions of files on legal proceedings. Investigators spend the majority of their time reading, reviewing and listening to data – searching for relevant information for their investigation and intelligence processes. Keeping in mind that there are more than a hundred attributes for each type of object.

Still, up to 80% of this data is underexplored due to un-unified sources and formats. Law enforcement and intelligence agents miss out on important information or are finally able to understand it after spending many hours reorganizing it with respect to each individual situation/context.

The information available needs to be correlated across entities and their connections in order to discover the unexplicit relationships hidden in the text, files, videos, and other different formats.

Over 50% of daily operations are made up of repetitive, manual tasks that could be automated with the help of technology. This would help law enforcement agents such as police, analysts, and investigators, save time so that they can focus on value-added work and decision-making.

Local and international legal regulations (GDPR, AI regulation framework, etc.) are becoming increasingly complex with each passing day. The traceability and governance of information is necessary not only for compliance and regulations, but also for an audit trail of the process between the original information used and exhibits stated in investigation reports.

Assuring the security of information during a collaborations evolves into inevitable rules and multi-step processes during cases management. How can the information be shared safely with team members without wasting time and losing out on the quality of communication?

Due to regulation and confidentiality constraints, various national law enforcement departments are isolated from critical information that is available in other departments. This is also true for international law enforcement institutions (Interpol, Europol, etc.). Requesting information from other departments and institutions necessitates formal and secure workflow and governance. The lack of readily available information and/or the time taken for the long request process could easily increase threats to a case.

Oppscience solutions

A better decision-making experience without any specific technical skills

As an end-to-end solution, the SPECTRA application provides an intuitive and friendly interface to support your team with real-time efficiency so you can make trusted decisions in critical moments, allowing you to focus on value-added work and avoid skill inflation.

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Save time, budget and ressources

A single access point to all existing data converged into a unified knowledge model, enabling decisions in specific contexts.

SPECTRA’s IAM (Intelligence Analysis Management) eliminates the need for repetitive manual work during your operation. This allows you to focus on what matters right away with the assurance that no information is missing.

It delivers all existing AI processed information with maximized relevancy while suggesting to you the best actions in context. Render your operational process more efficient with the elements below:

AUGMENTED SEARCH with converged up-to-date information in a single access point, from various internal and external sources including OSINT feeds.

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The information is unified in knowledge and intelligence and is reorganised within the context required under 4 dimensions.

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Save over 50% of your time on manual operation analyses. Use AUTOMATED ANNOTATION to confirm an element’s relevancy without manually rekeying the information.

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Get accurate insights to make faster decisions with visual intelligence mapping.

SPECTRA’s IAM processes all existing data to convert it into actionable knowledge. It illustrates the connections and relationships between each piece of information across time, location and network.

SPECTRA’s IAM learns the semantic senses and reveals the nature of each connection from collected data. The reports exported from SPECTRA help investigators obtain accurate and complete evidence that can be used in a court of law.

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Configure alerts and notifications for when incidents occur, supporting law enforcement agents to identify future threats and plan their actions around the risks.

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Build stronger cases with your team and other law enforcement bodies locally or internationally in a secure environment with real-time knowledge and history access. Each team member can manage the shared case under their attributed role and access. SPECTRA ensures end-to-end data security, traceability and real-time update alerts.

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Fully operational in only a few weeks, on-premise or in the cloud – adapted to your needs.

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What our customers say

The platform allows not only to take into account research of information but also the operational valorization of data thanks to its semantic engine and its capacities of management of graphs of relations. The range of possibilities offered by this solution opens up many new perspectives.

General Touak - ST(SI)² Director of information systems AT ST(SI)²

In 2017, VINCI Construction needed a search engine capable of searching through various data sources. We naturally chose Bee4sense to capitalize on the tool we had used on the South Europe Atlantic high-speed rail line project.

In our view, Bee4sense stands out from competing solutions thanks to its French roots, which guarantee us durable support and technical expertise. Throughout the years, we have been satisfied with the quality of service provided by OPPSCIENCE, in terms of both expertise and responsiveness. When asked for a change, OPPSCIENCE has always met the needs expressed by our business teams.

In addition, feedback on usage has been positive. Bee4sense has brought benefits in terms of performance, attachment indexing and multilingual data search; users appreciate the search efficiency, the relevance of results and the low response time.

Gwenael Louandre & Amine Talei - VINCI Construction Build Team Manager & Project Manager

Peraton uses OPPSCIENCE’s Bee4sense platform to index and search educational resources for educators and students. The support and customer service provided by OPPSCIENCE over the years is outstanding.

Kelly Waite - Peraton Program Manager at Peraton

OPPSCIENCE technologies allow all subscribers of our platform to perform high-quality research on specialized press and web articles. Access to this information is made possible thanks to semantic enrichment of the data, enabling the identification of links between the actors and the integration of an API graph, allowing the visualisation and interaction of these links.
We have been using Bee4sense search engines since 2004. The cooperation has always been perfect with the OPPSCIENCE teams who consistently meet our needs and requirements despite the technological evolutions.

BNP PARIBAS Communications & IT of the economic research department

In 2015, when we replaced the historical intranet search engine, we chose OPPSCIENCE’s engine because of its performance, relevance and superior functional capabilities.

Today, we are highly satisfied with the Bee4sense search engine and we know that many other features are available that could help to go further.

Over all the years of collaboration, we have appreciated the service provided by OPPSCIENCE, their in-depth understanding of our needs, as well as their strong reactivity, including through changing contexts.

Julien Tissier - RATP RATP Communication Department

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